GTBank USSD Transfer Code For Airtime and Data

GTbank ussd transfer code

You can start using *737# for banking if your GTBank USSD code isn’t working. However, you must first activate the GTB transfer code. This post provides a list of GTbank USSD codes, along with a step-by-step tutorial on activating the GTB USSD code for data transfers and airtime purchases to other banks.

What is USSD

It is known as Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It is a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) protocol that is used to send text messages. USSD is similar to Short Message Service (SMS).

Why Does the GTBank USSD Code Not Function?

There are a few possible reasons why the GTBank USSD code could not be working, including a malfunctioning GT Bank network or a failure to activate the USSD code using your SIM card.

Nevertheless, unless you request that it be unblocked, it won’t function for you if you have already asked for your account to be blocked or the USSD Code transfer to be disabled.

So let’s begin by activating the GT Bank Transfer code (USSD Code) using the techniques that Guarantee Trusted Bank (GTB Bank) recommends.

How to Use Your GTBank Transfer Code (USSD Code)

You will need your GT Bank ATM card in order to manually activate the GT Bank USSD code.

However, it appears that GT Bank offers a mechanism to enable USSD Banking without an ATM card. Although this strategy is unlikely to work in most circumstances, you can still try it and see.

We are going to demonstrate two quick ways for you to activate the transfer of USSD codes with or without an ATM card.

How to activate the GTBank USSD code without using an ATM card (DIY)

You provided a phone number when opening an account with GT Bank, and as a customer, that SIM number is now associated with your account.

For quick, non-bank ATM card activation of the GT Bank USSD code;

  • Press or enter *737#, the GT Bank USSD code.
  • Enter “10” on the prompt screen.
  • For Create PIN – No Debit Card, enter “2”.
  • Pay attention to and accurately enter all required personal information, exactly as it appears in your bank account/BVN details.

Details like your account number and birthdate.

To utilize USSD banking, enter your selected 4-digit PIN now.
You can now use the GT Bank USSD Code to transfer money, purchase airtime, or do anything else without an ATM card.

What if this approach didn’t work for you? Using your GT Bank ATM Card is the only other option you have without visiting the bank.

Steps To Activate GT Bank USSD Code Using ATM Card

You can use any GT Bank ATM card to activate or register the GT Bank USSD code to your phone number. Guarantee Trusted Bank (GTB) issues debit cards for ATM use.

If you would like not to constantly carry your ATM card around, you may simply use it to activate the GT Bank USSD code for a quick and simple transaction that doesn’t require an internet connection.

  • Enter your link phone number together with the GT Bank USSD code, *737#.
  • Enter the 10-digit account number for GT Bank.
  • Enter your Bank Verification Number (BVN), which is an 11-digit number, next.
  • Enter the last six digits of your debit or ATM card.
  • Select and confirm a 4-digit transaction PIN.

You’ve successfully self-registered your phone number for the transfer of USSD codes.

Is there another way to activate USSD banking without visiting a bank if you don’t have an ATM card or if using an ATM card to activate did not work for you? If it still doesn’t work, please get in touch with customer service or go to any GT Bank branch in Nigeria.

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Fast Shortcodes For GT Bank USSD

GT Bank USSD CodeFunctions
 *737*1*Amount*NUBAN Account Number#Money Transfer To GT Bank
 *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account Number#Transfer Money To Other Banks
*737*amount#Buy Airtime
*737*4#Buy Airtime For Other Line
*737*5#Create Transaction Pin
*737*6*1#Check Account Balance
*737*37*Amount*Decoder Number#Startime Tv Recharge
*737*3*Amount# Cardless Withdrawal
*737*7#Generate OTP
*737*SmartCardNo#Cable Tv
*737*51*74#Account Blacklist
*737*52*40#Payday Loan
*737*51*24#Spend To Save
*737*51*1#Enable/Disable Account Balance on GeNS
*737*6*3#ATM Card Status
*737*6*2#Loan Balance

GT Bank USSD code For Electricity

District Service AreaUSSD Code
Port Harcourt Prepaid*737*50*Amount*95#
Port Harcourt Postpaid*737*50*Amount*96#
Eko Prepaid*737*50*Amount*151#
Eko Postpaid*737*50*Amount*152#
Ibadan Prepaid*737*50*Amount*137#
Kano Prepaid*737*50*Amount*93#
Kano Postpaid*737*50*Amount*94#

What GT Bank USSD Code *737# can be used for

  • Data and Airtime Top-up
  • Money Transfer
  • Check Account Information
  • Card-less ATM Withdrawals
  • Payment of Bills (StarTimes Subscription & Electricity Bills)
  • 737 Cashout at Filling Stations Worldwide

Please leave a comment if you were able to use our approach to activate USSD code using an ATM card or without one. We hope that our comprehensive tutorial will make it easier for you to receive GTB (GT Bank) USSD code quickly.

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