Top 15 Ecommerce Websites For Online Shopping In Nigeria

Top 15 Ecommerce Websites For Online Shopping In Nigeria

Nigeria has become a dynamic market in the exciting world of online shopping, with a multitude of e-commerce websites meeting a wide range of consumer demands. Discover the best of Nigerian online shopping with our curated list of top 15 ecommerce websites for online shopping in Nigeria

Top 15 Ecommerce Websites For Online Shopping In Nigeria

Most of you may choose to start with setting up your own e-commerce website, but the big concern after that will be how people will find you online. It is more cost-effective for small businesses to follow the lead of well-established e-commerce giants in the sector. Once you have established a sizable online following, you can start your own website.

These are the top 15 e-commerce websites in Nigeria that provide a safe and easy way to shop for fashion, gadgets, and household needs. Let’s take a closer look at the digital retail landscape and the platforms that Nigerian consumers are embracing.

Top 15 ecommerce platform for shopping in Nigeria

See the top 15 ecommerce websites in Nigeria with our guide to the country’s varied e-commerce scene. Discover a smooth and safe shopping experience catered to your needs, from groceries and unusual gifts to fashion and electronics. Take your Nigerian internet buying to the next level right now!

1. Jumia Nigeria

Jumia is a trailblazer in Nigerian e-commerce, providing a vast range of goods, including food, electronics, and clothing. Online customers now choose to Jumia because of its dependable delivery services and user-friendly layout.


2. Konga

“The desire to deliver with speed and precision so that you would never have to worry about accessing your needs and wants at your convenience” is the driving force behind Nigeria’s online Megastore. To guarantee quick and effective delivery, it has sizable warehouses that are well-stocked with merchandise and are positioned in important locations including Lagos, the nation’s capital Abuja, and Port Harcourt.


Additionally, Konga enables small companies to sell and display a variety of products on their website. You can find out more about selling on Konga.

3. PayPorte

PayPorte, which specializes in clothing and accessories, is a haven for style enthusiasts. For those trying to keep on top of the fashion game, this site provides a streamlined purchasing experience with a well chosen variety of trendy things.

4. is a must-visit site for gadget lovers. This e-commerce site specializes in electronics and offers a large selection of computers, cellphones, and accessories along with top-notch customer support.

5. Kara

Delivering tech solutions to a wide audience is the main goal of Kara Nigeria. Kara Nigeria caters to those who are either students in search of reasonably priced devices or professionals looking for work-related technology.

Kara also has a marketplace where other business owners can offer their stuff.

6. Jiji, Nigeria

Established in 2014, is a rapidly expanding Nigerian free online ads platform including cutting-edge security measures. Jiji offers a hassle-free, easy way to purchase and sell nearly anything.


If you’re a seller or business owner, you may advertise your goods and services on the website for free in the classified section to maximize both your reach and earnings.

7. Rosehob (Rosiehob)

A wide variety of things, including electronics, cosmetics, and fashion, are available on Rosehob, an extensive online marketplace. Rosehob is a trustworthy option for a variety of customer demands because of its dedication to meeting customer wants.


This is a startup in the ending of 2023 but we wish to compete and get our own share of voice online and deliver excellent services to our consumers/customers as their satisfaction is our topmost priority.

8. The Ajebomarket

Founded in July 2013, Ajebomarket is without a doubt one of Nigeria’s top online fashion retailers for men, with the goal of being the greatest in Africa. These high-quality goods are suitable for both adults and teenagers.


Check Ajebomarket and make your buy whenever you come up with a stylish idea for a man’s wardrobe, which may include watches, purses, shoes, or apparel.

9. Kaiglo

On our list of the top 15 Nigerian eCommerce websites to watch in 2024, Kaiglo comes in on the list. Despite their current lack of popularity, Kaiglo is among the most dependable e-commerce sites in Nigeria.

Kaiglo has an excellent distribution system. Recall what we said when we first noticed certain KG Express “” motorcycles in certain areas of Lagos. In fact, Kaiglo is implementing an e-commerce delivery model that is going to blow up in a lot of businesses! And rightfully so, in 2022, the startup needs to be closely monitored. We think they have a few cutting-edge products up their sleeves.

10. Omnibiz Africa

Another B2B e-commerce network, Omnibiz Africa, uses supply digitization to link retailers and producers of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs). Omnibiz Africa released the Bookkeeping app and the “Buy Now Pay Later” payment concept in November 2021.

MyStore, a bookkeeping tool that allows shops to track sales, cost, price, profit, and customer management, will help them grow their businesses more quickly than the Buy Now Pay Later model by giving them credit choices.

Because the items give shops credit choices to buy more goods and make repayments once the things are sold, they will assist retailers in growing their operations.

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11. Printivo Shop

Nigeria’s most well-known online print retailer is Printivo. Customers of the online print company Printivo can get free templates made by Nigerian designers.

With the help of Printivo Store, designers and print suppliers may offer their creations to consumers across the nation and earn money online. The Printivo store operates as an online marketplace for print designs, in contrast to other e-commerce websites.

12. WABI

On December 1, 2021, Wabi2b was introduced in Nigeria by WABI, an e-commerce ecosystem that aims to revolutionize how customers purchase goods in order to digitalize the country’s conventional trade routes and empower women. Currently, over 10,000 vendors trade on Wabi Nigeria, with women making up 95% of them.

One instrument that democratizes the market without middlemen is WABI. Wabi2B is a marketplace that allows FMCGs to sell all of their products directly to Traditional Trade stores, allowing them to know each customer. Wabi2C is software as a service that connects players in the Customer Packaged Goods market to Wabi. WabiPay is an e-wallet that makes value chain integration more affordable and cashless.

13. provides the largest selection of high-quality cars in a safe, dependable, and affordable online marketplace.

Instead of directly selling cars, they provide a cutting edge platform for customers to purchase and sell cars, trucks, vans, bikes, and other vehicles.

The website offers a vast audience of potential customers to automobile dealers, importers, and independent sellers. They encourage both first-time buyers and a devoted community of automotive enthusiasts in their purchasing decisions.


With its extensive product selection and effective delivery services, transforms the grocery shopping experience and makes it easy for customers to order everyday necessities.

15. OLX Nigeria

OLX Nigeria is redefining e-commerce by emphasizing the secondary market. It makes it easier to buy and sell used products with an easy-to-use platform, making shopping sustainable and affordable.

In summary:

These top 15 online shopping sites stand out for their dedication to quality, dependability, and customer pleasure as the Nigerian e-commerce market develops. These platforms provide a wide selection of products, making online shopping easy and fun for Nigerian customers, whether they’re seeking for gadgets, fashion, or everyday necessities.