Terms of use

1. Embracing Our Terms Together

Welcome to RoseHob.com! By hanging out with us here, you’re agreeing to play nice and follow the guidelines we’ve set out. If you’re not on board with any part of it, let’s chat.

2. Picking Out Pretty Things

2.1. We’ve got a bunch of lovely stuff for you to choose from, listed in good ol’ Nigerian Naira (NGN). Prices might change here and there, but we’ll do our best to keep it all straight.

2.2. We’re aiming for spot-on product descriptions and images, but if we goof up a bit, we’ll fix it. Promise.

3. Checkout & Payment Shenanigans

3.1. Ready to make things official? Great! You’re telling us you’re cool to use the payment method you share with us.

3.2. We’ve got some choices for paying – cards, online platforms, you name it.

4. Sending Goodies Your Way

4.1. We’re all about getting your goodies to you fast, but sometimes life throws curveballs, and we can’t control everything.

4.2. Shipping costs are your call. We’ll calculate it for you at checkout.

5. Sending Love Back

5.1. Not vibing with your new buy? No worries – you can send it back within [X] days. Check out our Returns Policy for the how-to.

5.2. If something goes wonky and you need a refund, we’ve got a plan for that too.

6. Your Secrets Are Safe With Us

6.1. Your privacy matters. How we handle your personal info is all in our Privacy Policy.

7. Sharing the Pretty Stuff

7.1. Anything you see on RoseHob.com, from pics to logos, is ours. We’re protective like that.

8. Keeping It Local

8.1. We’re based in Nigeria, and our rules play by Nigerian law. If there’s a hiccup, we’ll sort it out here.

9. Changing Up the Rules

9.1. Sometimes we might tweak these terms. Pop in once in a while to check if we’ve done any redecorating.

10. Let’s Chat

If you’re unsure about any of this, shoot us an email at [email protected]. We’re real people behind the scenes, ready to help.